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Oktober 5th, 2017

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a dose of castor oil and the morning of the operation an enema

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irrigation followed by copious and very frequent iced water

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with or without zinc chloride also gives a poor yield and a

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that it had a beginning. Not so with Letheon which is practi

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in both his hands which were so painful it was with difficulty he

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Bui then the boys wuz not inkllnea to argyfy llh Doc

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No specific fee was paid for instruction in bear doctoring but the

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at the top the enamel being in immediate contact and on the

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more of the bloody fluid came away. Then gave the alcohol

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were nearly closed profuse lachrymation no reflex sensibility

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owner the possibility of it being glanders thus putting the

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opinion have met them freed from every kind of difficulty.

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which is all that brings the support into operation. Aliment is

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tend with the frequent introduction of subjects remotely connected

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by in.iections into the circulation. After repeated experiments covering several

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passages it was distended with gas. In both of these cases gas

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we do their offspring never attain full growth the flow of milk

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and if a large amount of cholesterin is employed namely equal

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in their causes and various lesions as much as in their nature

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And Dr. Meigs asserts on the same page Indeed I believe that

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Besides these positive fnn ibe following deserxe attention

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