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Oktober 5th, 2017

toire de Recherches of Alfort has directed his in a field which he

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Ophthalmia in the Horse Mr. J t aux. The infectious

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I will now proceed to notice these diseases in order premising

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confined to the throat and excites no resonance in the bronchi.

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nent Dr. Jackson was a scientist of international reputation

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in the subcostal region. Each pulsation was accompanied with

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with the greatest care made upon fifty six cows having reacted to

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a rubber tube through which he blew his own breath by two

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me most complex in its causes. It may readily be confounded by

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cesophagus at the seat of the choke is injured beyond repair.

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periodical bleeding from piles. Now the fact that a flux of this

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previous one and with it came a still smaller one. In both

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matter for the purpose of getting at the real truth of the question

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of the inner and outer walls of the alveolus and two or three

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of the locality and distribution of the arteries of

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obscurer diseases of the chest of which a more perfect knowledge

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Lameness Hip Joint Lameness Sprained Joints Tendons and all parts

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In the view of these facts it does appear a singular coincidence

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It might also be possible that many samples were mi.xtures of

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not for the pnrpose of annonncing any new or startling discov

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all contaminated by some free fatty acid they exhibit myelin

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that of a spaniel. The eyes are large and have the mild dog

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Experiments were carried out by the Department of Agri

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peristaltic movements both more frequent and more rapid. This


swollen from calomel a special form of diarrhoea sets in in which the

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nary College Cornell are as follows Candidates for admission

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earliest days when it appeared among their farms without any

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When this great task shall have been accomplished the

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it is known that in cattle this last muscle is very concave and

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or riding due to painful injuries of the soft parts in the presence

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