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Oktober 5th, 2017

the intestinal mucous membrane. All the methods of treatment
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role which bacteriology began to play an important paper on
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striking resemblance to that emitted by a cup of metal glass or
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Although the disease is generally a fatal one cases mild in
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tion and dimensions of the hernial sac have been recognized
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Dr. D. Hammond I dall responded to the toast of Prob
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take cognizance of the paramount importance of sanitary work
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to bring only raw surfaces into apposition. Infolded edges will
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judges would often find themselves in embarrassing positioi s
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have also pretended to have similar results with expectation.
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as it was impossible for him to keep on with his military duties.
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pathological conditions. The application of such knowledge
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which is so quickly manifested passes away so rapidly and is
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the average less than thirty of these beds are available for teaching.
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cularly infected stables and whether von Behring s assumption
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The bear doctors went back to their hiding place disrobed and returned to
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the next class. Conditions now become i apidly worse through aggravation. Hospital
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confess however that I cannot prescribe anything for contagious abortion that
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cattle against tuberculosis and from the results obtained he
not as yet themselves realizing that medical education is no longer either profitable
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present and prospective facilities do not really warrant a higher requirement. Besides
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factory example of the condition but illustrates the difficulties
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erly poured in at every seating of the ICxecutive Committee
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mated that they will i e surpassed by those of. Half a
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to this group and he emphasised the importance of further
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superior parts the hand at the same time resumes its natural pale
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moved and the incision closed with sutures. If the incision has
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other hand streak the blood in the vein upwards till it has passed

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