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Oktober 5th, 2017

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similar kind. These sores were of a circular form and he described
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Infirmary a boy who was admitted with compound fracture of the
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be does not always present the same characters. Let us attend
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given in Mr. Thorburn s paper from which I quote the following
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ed into the abscess after which complete recovery took place.
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ideals without facilities though at Baylor the conjunction of hospital and labora
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above specified had these eruptions on the nipples and udders and
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At p. M. the veterinarians in attendance assembled in the
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The cases of empyema of the sinuses due to the presence
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in preparing for a journey the notes of the cases I had then
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must be an unsaturated diketone in which one of the CO groups
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lungs is rendered impermeable to air through disease especially
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this singular malady as local circumstances would admit.
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p. states that M. Ducros has rendered patients insensible to the extraction of
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around slight belching and regurgitation respiration labored
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which were only very thin on the left side especially towards
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