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Oktober 5th, 2017

Federal Animal Contagious Diseases Act in many of the

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their existence. The entire coast is oversupplied with doctors by immigration unless

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condition of the same at least this method of investigation is

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Entrance requirement A four year high school education or its equivalent.

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your time. Though the celebrated chief of the school of Physiolo

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lished and principally by his Hand book of Meat Inspection

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clique occasionally controls the situation. Conspicuous fitness cannot be the sole or

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Behring and also three different fresh cultures of his own of

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segophony in cases of simple peripneumony without any pleuritic

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peach. This he ate greedily. Suddenly on the fifth day he was

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Any of the above books will be sent prepaid for the price.

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mistakes aiul they are most powerful stimulators of hv uiotize l

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From communications with which I have been favoured from

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final vaccination was made July lylh On Nov. th this calf re

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From the cases given by Mr. Ingleby I select the following

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cholera produced by the inoculations of the comma bacillus of

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April reviewing an account of an epidemic of malarial

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a reform which within so short a time has contributed largely

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never complamed of more than discomfort. Let me add however

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being most markedly so. Adduction and abduction of the

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where as the result of injury but rather an ossification in a bulky

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justifiable form only a small proportion of the total cases. I

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reason to suspect the existence of a large dilatation of long

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The wound never healed fresh nodules appeared from the base

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