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Oktober 5th, 2017

and exhibited a specimen of the heart muscles. There were
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While ducks take naturally to water they should have dry quarters and dry
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scopic examination and also when pulmonary tuberculosis not
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rected first on the cornea or papillary plane. When one has ac
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tions. Treatment of blood letting sinapisms to the abdomen
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the dread of punishment and the body gradually pines and wastes
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clude physics and chemistry. Of the present first year class of have the
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extremely long fine hair like threads often in vigorous move
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as we have formerly observed is always either preceded or followed
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naturally leads may be moderated by attention to certain rules. First
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disorders them with a slow progress and finally destroys them or
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remedy can be used at any time or place without interfering
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than water comparatively and in killing a germ that there was
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nary school greater than any in existence to day and a faculty
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The operation is performed as follows The little animal is caught and gently
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t LEHN amp FINK Sole American Agcnt.s William Street New York.
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An examination of the urethral tract was made externally
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matter of ratio between population and physicians but this may perhaps in some
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commits educational suicide by putting the bars so high as to

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