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Oktober 5th, 2017

Some children whose nurses have a very copious supply of milk

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an unprofessional act for any member of this Association or for

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The school for horseshoers was established during the in

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those which existed in the other two patients. TVhen she came

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Doctor is known to our readers through his occasional contri

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Figure. Teeth at four years past showing eight permanent incisors the full mouth

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formed. I owe these facts to the prompt kindness of a gentleman

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Some oakum which is filtrated with iodoform is placed over

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were located on the small intestines however the large intes

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To follow out the same illustrations which I have already used

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Treatment by Rhatauy. Constriction of the Sphincter of tlie Anus is the

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authorities who have for the last half century been sounding the

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induce this rapidly by a large dose than gradually by a succession

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to be beset by envy malice hatred detraction and calumny.

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The medical schools of Massachusetts Maine Vermont New Hampshire Connecticut

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On Sept. the dog was returned by the owner. The dog

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