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Oktober 5th, 2017

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Teaching staff of whom are professors of other grade. Three professors and
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to such diseases as influenza or scabies our methods of disin
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oblique direction. Proportioned to the dimensions of the hernia
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private hospitals personal considerations nominate the staff and the school subse
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until recently a part but in the East was an independent fac
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cut between the portion I remove and the portion I leave. It
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transferred to that of J. Barge a boy of seven years old. He
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standing the assertion to the contrary of my honourable colleague
March rd came to Skin Hospital. Since childhood had
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vantageous competition with men better trained by far.
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cattle against tuberculosis and from the results obtained he
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best dentistry. The American Society of Dental Surgery was
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May the fate of the chaise be the fate of our friend
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are rare and are accessible chiefly when physicians can ask students to accompany
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do work which should only have been entrusted to experts of
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Upon motion of Drs. Dunbar and Little the report was
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destitute circumstances and only look for proper compensation
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ing that the transverse portion of the colon had been a little dragged

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