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Oktober 5th, 2017

in veterinary periodicals Clark has contributed a valuable vol
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schools. Unfortunately however our universities have not always been so placed.
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prepared by the practitioner at his office where conditions are
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and yet have never been absent in the autopsies he has made.
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odor of ether is a trifling objection compared with its advantages
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Ferran as you know became notorious throughout the world from
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others showed extensive tuberculous lesions In contrast to all this the vacci
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cluded spot in a deep canon or in the most rugged mountains. If
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that which is idiopathic. In a nosological point of view this is
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sources favorable results have been obtained in many cases.
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in order to allow the grinders to come together. He says
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at the conclusion of the meal. This combination proved successful
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month later the right shoulder and one ear became swollen and
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cells which show little or no trace of glandular structure the more
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year college basis per cent are conditioned at Ann Arbor of entering on
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attached to the diaphragm. All tlie bile ducts of the greatly
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effect of producing only one stool regularly in the hours.
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peritonitis. On the other hand when solid adhesions attach the
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point and rotatory power that Ritter raised the question of

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